What To Do With Your Old T-Shirts

So you've got a bunch of t-shirts.  You can't bring yourself to throw them away because they are full of memories, but you know that you won't be wearing them again.  Or maybe they're shirts that your child has outgrown but you've kept over the years.  Perhaps they are from a loved one who has passed away.  Regardless, they're more than likely taking up space and you've been looking for something to do with them!  Consider a t-shirt/memory quilt!

Abby Kirkman Quilts specializes in making one of a kind improv t-shirt quilts.  Every quilt is custom made, unique and no two are alike!  The size of the individual blocks created to make the quilt will vary based on the shirt and design of the graphic.  In addition to the main graphic, we try to use as much of the shirt as possible, if it has a fun tag, let’s use it; if the shirt is tie-dye or a fun color, it’ll make a great addition to the overall design!  

Memory quilt commissioned by a person who's father had passed away as a gift to her mother.  We worked to highlight his favorite things, travel and the Yankees!

T-shirt quilt for a graduating senior made of shirts from grades K-12!

For more information or to get started or your t-shirt/memory quilt contact abby@abbykirkmanquilts or submit a request via the Wholesale/Custom Order page!